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Top Gun Martial Arts

                                               & More!


 (Beginner/Intermediate & Advanced Classes Available)

Little Dragons (ages 6-7): 

Your child will have a great time learning basic self-defense and fundamental martial arts in a class specifically designed for little guys and gals. They won't even realize they are exercising, as they participate in Karate/Jiu-Jitsu games and activities geared toward increasing their motor skills and coordination. Watch their discipline improve 

as your child is rewarded for good behavior at home & school, respecting others, using manners, making good grades and participating in positive activities within the community. Call now and get your Little Dragon started on the path of excellence.

P.O.D for kids (ages 7-14):

(Phases of Defense) for kids curriculum is designed for older, more mature, children. Your child can start on the path of excellence; learning to set goals and accomplish them by working their way through our custom belt system and striving to achieve black belt excellence. They will learn the proper flow and technique of the finest self defense techniques available, while learning how to EARN their way. Here at Top Gun, we feel these are important life skills that are very important and lacking in todays society. Call today and let us help you equip your child with the confidence and strength they need to grow and become a happy, healthy and successful adult.

P.O.D for Teens & Adults (ages 14 & Up):

(Phases of Defense) curriculum geared for teens and adults. In this class you will learn all the necessary skills needed to handle any self-defense situation; ranging from basic bully busting techniques to controlling tactical situations when a gun is involved. Our system will equip you with the best techniques from Karate, Combat JiuJitsu, Submission Wrestling and U.S. Tactical Control Personal Protection. We stand behind our training and guarantee that you will be equipped to handle dangerous situations in the best possible way. Don't wait until catastrophe strikes and it's too late to begin your training. Start your journey of personal improvement today!

Submission Kings: 

(For Mature Black Belt Club Members Only)

Our Submission Kings program is designed to give our Black Belt Club members bonus training in reward for their hard work and serious commitment to our school. This class helps our BBC members accelerate their training, giving them cutting edge skills that are sure to rapidly improve their grappling skills.


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